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Wondering about Here & Now

“You cannot force your perception of an image on anyone, or explain it through words.”

Everything Seet wants to tell, she shares through her visual works. Her work is a representation of Seet in the moment: how she looks at things, what is happening around her and her interpretation of this. Through this process, she gives form to the wonders of being here. With the indescribable, the mysterious and the creation that echoes through nature, the universe, memory, beauty and humankind.

Guiding Chaos to an Estranged Beauty

“The canvas eventually meets my eye and says: Don’t touch me, I’m allowed to exist with all my strangeness.”

The chaos Seet causes on her canvas, she guides with her own set of rules and measures. When is it finished? When Seet sees something wondrous that no one could ever have imagined. The unfamiliar forms that arise from the collision of beauty and ugliness, and the creation of this beauty with acts of sabotage are what fascinates her most.

Flower reconstructions

Seet cultivates, photographs and paints her own flowers, and reshapes them to new, unseen flowers. But, does it actually continue being a flower?

Seet sows, picks and cultivates her own tulips and amaranths in her garden in Nijmegen. The flowers are photographed, drawn, painted and nurtured by Seet, from their moment of bloom, until their inevitable decay. She reconstructs them in collages: the pastel flowers are combined, creating a flower that has never been seen before. But, is it actually still a flower? Her signature is present in these works, through a combination of her writing, embroidery, painting and drawing of seventeenth-century flowers.

Acrylics – Pastels – Photographs – Oil paint – Watercolor – Textile, yarn – Ceramics – Glass – Artist books – Paper