“In addition to the paintings, I have been making work about the mystery MEMORY for years. How we remember, forget, achieve and retrieve. As an artist, as a non-scientist, I have my own ideas about that that I try to portray. The resulting works, such as BACK UP, are usually made of textile, the color is usually red, the work is usually labor intensive and the resulting works of art are usually large. BACK UP, such as in Galerie Münsterland in Emsdetten, and Museum Valkhof in Nijmegen, consists of many hundreds of meters of embroidered texts about MEMORY, texts by poets, thinkers, scientists, my own diary. You can read part of the texts, but most of it is hidden in the embroidered scrolls. The high tower of steel filling cabinets symbolizes the immeasurable greatness of memory.”

From the publication Love Lies Bleeding – Seet van Hout (2022).