“I made this outdoor installation for the Gelderland Biennale 2019, organized by Museum Arnhem, the Valkhofmuseum in Nijmegen and Productiehuis Plaatsmaken. 16 artists made a temporary sculpture along the Jansbeek in the center in Arnhem. The theme: our relationship with nature and the mirror that nature holds up to us.

I made a sandbag wall, as protection against the flood. By embroidering the bags, with texts about the Deluge, alarming newspaper reports about climate change, and images of mermaids and sea monsters, a poetic and alienating image was created. After 6 weeks in the autumn rain and partly in the water of the stream, the fabrics are marked by water and sun, making them even more meaningful.”

From the publication Love Lies Bleeding – Seet van Hout (2022).